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Egypt is a beautiful country with great marvels scattered all over. You have great things to see in Egypt, be it Sphinx, Nile, or the grand pyramids. It is not only the Pharaonic memorials that have magnetized explorers to this nation since long previous to the birth of Christ, but it is the inheritance of the Romans, Greeks and early Christians, and the abundance of art and architecture mounted up from centuries of consecutive Islamic reigns.

Travel to Egypt

Reaching Egypt is easy. You get into the country from most of the European countries. Most of the European countries have number of flights flying to Cairo regularly. The national airline of Egypt is the Egypt Air. Most of the international flights reach Cairo, although traffic of international flights is building in other major cities of the country like Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria and Marsa Alam. You can also reach Egypt by bus if you are in Israel or in the Gulf region. Egypt has an extremely superior network of public and private transport. Domestic air journey is obviously the quickest method to get around; though it is doubtless only worth considering if you have lots of cash and petite time. Other than domestic airlines you have whole lot of options to travel by bus, trains, boats and even horsebacks, donkeys, and camels to travel around the country. You can also hire a taxi, which proves to be a convenient way to travel around.


Egypt has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It has some great places that are loved by tourists visiting them. One such attraction is Dahshur. Dahshur is a striking 3.5km long field of 4th and 12th reign pyramids, elder cousins of the Pyramids of Giza. Of the unique 11 pyramids at this point, only the Bent and Red Pyramids stay unbroken. Also worth a gaze are the mud-brick leftovers of the Black Pyramid, which have a jumble of corridors and rooms intended to trick tomb muggers. A lot of travelers are preferring to visit Dahshur in place of the Giza Plateau for three causes: the pyramid is as remarkable as its complement at Giza, the place is a lot more passive and the entry fee here is appreciably cheaper. Another loved attraction is the Egyptian museum. More than 120,000 remnants from approximately each era of early Egyptian history are available in this outstanding museum. The Temple of Karnak is a great attraction for each one visiting Egypt. An appropriate memorial to Egypt’s New Kingdom supremacy, Karnak is an astonishing composite of obelisks, sanctuaries, columns, and pylons devoted to the Theban gods and the splendor of Egypt’s pharaohs. Constructed about 1500 years ago, its million-plus square meters offer a glimpse of the Egyptian architecture. Every tourist visiting Egypt is very eager to see the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. One of the greatest wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza subsists up to more than 4000 years of propaganda. Their unusual geometry and epoch make them alien edifices growing out of the desert. The Sphinx is located close by, a 50m-long slinky character carved from a solitary lump of stone.


The official language of Egypt is Arabic. This is also the common language used by the people of Egypt. You will find English used only in conversation with the tourists.


One of the immense pleasures of Egypt is the shopping! Though, there are many snags: from learning how to negotiate to knowing where the finest seats are to purchase certain wares; from understanding Arabic value tickets to getting the knowledge about which shop is best according to your taste and pocket. The major items appreciated by the tourists are the local artifacts and handicrafts available in the local markets of Egypt.

Destinations in Egypt


Aswan is Egypt’s southernmost city. It has long been the country’s entry to Africa. The wealthy market city bestrides the crossroads of the antique caravan roads, at the ‘other’ end of the Nile. In early periods it was a battalion town to early Coptic Christians.

The Nile is magnificent here as it creates its path down from the enormous High Dam and Lake Nasser. Watching the sun set by the Nile is an experience of the lifetime. The Tombs of the Nobles is also a great attraction in the town.


Another most loved destination is Cairo. It is the capital of Egypt. Though the city is noisy, chaotic, and totally unpredictable, but a look at the age-old buildings constructed in old Egyptian style are worth watching.

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